About Opt In

Opt In is the product of a yearlong research project conducted by Crosscut Public Media in Seattle, Wash. and the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute in Columbia, Mo.

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Tamara Power-Drutis is the Chief of Staff at Amplifier, a nonpartisan art machine for social change that aims to flip artists into activists and observers into participants. She is the former Executive Director of the Northwest independent news site Crosscut Public Media, and served as the project fellow on the Reynolds Journalism Institute project researching innovative methods for engaging news audiences.

Sangeeta Singh-Kurtz is a recent graduate of the University of Washington. She managed this project as a part of Crosscut’s RJI Fellowship team while she was an editorial assistant at Crosscut. She will be joining Quartz Media in New York City this summer. Feel free to reach out to her at sangeetaskurtz@gmail.com or on Twitter at @sangeetaskurtz.

Brian Steffens is the director of communications at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI), where he oversees conversations with and among the various constituents and audiences of RJI. These include RJI’s resource rich website, rjionline.org; content and conversations within and around events that serve industry professionals and the citizens they serve; the sharing of robust industry research and insights on how best to utilize the information; and connecting people, ideas and opportunities through his years of serial networking.

Brian Steffens is a veteran communicator with executive-level experience in newspapers, magazines, digital media, public relations and news association management. For more than four decades, he’s led change and innovation in photojournalism, color, typography, design, packaging and editing, information graphics, new media/digital initiatives, new product development and new business models. Steffens was previously executive director of the National Newspaper Association (NNA), an industry organization of 2,000 newspapers that he led for eight years. Earlier at the Missouri School of Journalism, Steffens was associate director of the New Directions for News (NDN), a leading industry think tank.

Patty Lindley is the Digital Director at Cascade Public Media. She aided the project principals to develop the concept and content of the Opt In newsletter tool.

Joseph Liu is a Sr. Technical Producer at Cascade Public Media. He functioned on the project as the primary developer and architect of the newsletter tool platform.