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Why invest in a newsletter strategy?

In recent years, e-newsletters have become essential engagement, branding, and revenue-generating tools for modern newsrooms. Newsletters can help freelancers and newsrooms:

  • retain reader loyalty with both your news products and network
  • gain valuable insight into the content that matters most to your audience
  • recruit relevant sponsorship and underwriting partners
  • communicate membership or subscription value propositions, and/or
  • grow sustainable support and traffic for your coverage.

Why use Opt In?

Opt In is packed with best practices and strategies to optimize an existing newsletter and/or design your new newsletter from scratch. Fed by applied research, data, and analysis of top newsletter curators and products available today, this tool will guide you through key decisions and considerations to produce a tailored newsletter playbook for you or your team to implement.

You'll need about an hour to complete the tool. You can save your work along the way and return to it as needed.

What you’ll need to complete the tool:

You can use this tool to optimize an existing newsletter or develop an entirely new product. Either way, each section will include definitions, explanations, and resources to assist in your decision-making. If your aim is to improve an existing newsletter, please also have on hand:

  • current number of subscribers
  • current click rate
  • current open rate
  • any existing research or data you have about your audience